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10 Amazing Edited Baby Photoshoots

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Some baby photos are impromptu. But you have to plan and prepare for others. You have to plan the perfect pose, angle, and editing before clicking the moment. And all that planning requires inspiration.

Check this post to get 10 new ideas to get inspiration for your next edited baby photoshoots.

Baby Talk

Expect your baby to start interacting with you around six to eight weeks. Capture the moment when they hold mommy's or daddy's gaze. With perfect lighting and angle, this photo will warm your hearts for decades to come.

Tiny Toes

Treasuring the first glimpse of your baby’s toes is becoming a cliché in newborn photography. But it’s still a must-have pose.

You can twist this idea by holding your newborn’s head up and picturing the toes with the head in the background, taking a head-to-toe picture of your baby.

Holding Hands

Hold their tiny hands in your hand to pose. Or let them hold your finger.

Go Natural

You don’t have to set the frame in a forest for this picture. Get an organic-looking basket and drape a blanket around your newborn to get a comfortable but attractive snap of the infant.

Capture the Smile

You may have to wait for those blissful moments when your infant shows signs of happy dreams by smiling. But these smiles appear random; so, you would want to click them yourself.

Treasure the Bond

The first mommy-and-me moment is most treasured in the Fresh48 session – a photo shoot that focuses on the delivery and first two days of life of the newborn. Capture the image of two newly-separated humans lying side by side.

Cherish the Playful Times

Use your baby’s playpen as the picture’s backdrop. Let the infant sleep in the area and use colors to capture the environment


Use Your Furry Friends

Again, it’s best to let your baby sleep through the photoshoot.

Or a Stuff Toy

Let your baby hold the toy. Or just let the two lay side by side. Match the colors or go black and white for this click.


If you want an easy idea for a newborn photoshoot, use swaddling. You can use brightly colored swaddles or go with white ones.

Newborn photoshoot needs special protocol and care. And that means you are in for extensive planning before the shoot. Use these baby photoshoot ideas to make planning easier for you.


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