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3 Great Editing Apps for Baby Photos

You don’t wait for your next family picture day to celebrate the growth your baby is experiencing. You click photos and treasure them as the moments happen.

After all, when your baby didn’t wait for the picture day to give his precious first smile to mummy, why would you?

Here are the top three photo-editing apps you want to keep on your phone for instant editing.

Baby Pics

What is the most popular photo editing and milestones app that is used in more than 90 countries? It’s Baby Pics, of course, and for good reasons.

It lets you apply your favorite graphic sticker from a huge gallery of them, scribble notes, and add the rulers and weight of your baby to the photo.

Use it to follow your child’s growth from infancy to school age and beyond. Like many other baby photo apps, this one allows you to document the progress even before your little ones are born.


Photos are great celebratory tools. You share them with your friends and family over social media and let them share your happiness.

But they are also meant for you to track your baby’s progress over time. You want to see how he is faring in his initial years. Use Time Capsule – the special comparison feature that is provided by Totsie for the same.

Do it in the most babyish colors ever. The app is dominated by pastel colors.

Baby Photo Editor

The best things in life are free – so is Baby Photo Editor.

But that’s not the only strength of this editor. This app competes with most of its paid counterparts on features like vector quality, color choices, available fonts, and frame gallery.

The interface is clean and intuitive. You can learn to use it in minutes. Now, sharing is fun and easy!

Take Away

You are a pro when it comes to dressing up your baby and enjoying mommy-and-me time with him. Now is the time to dress him up virtually. Use these photo editing and sharing apps to create cherished memories.


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