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3 Newborn Photo Ideas at Home

Capturing beautiful photos of your newborn is very endearing. We want to capture those innocent moments and keep them forever. Sometimes professional photoshoots can be extremely expensive and out of the question! We wanted to share with you 3 newborn photo ideas you can do at home and within budget!

  1. Using props around the house:

Literally anything can be used to give your photos the textures it needs to look creative and professional. Using rugs, blankets, plants and more as backgrounds sets the tone for your photoshoot.

2. Baskets or Crates:

Add linen to a crate or basket and place your baby. This adds so my character and charm to your photo! It also perfectly frames your baby in the photo!

3. Use a Swaddle

I always felt as though swaddles made our babies look like little beans. It also gives them this magical, precious aesthetic that would win the heart of anyone!

If you would like to submit your baby photo for a chance to win a $500 prize please visit our website to enter! We hope these tips helped you create some beautiful home photos of your newborn babies!


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