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4 Amazing Baby Photoshoots

The Baby Contest is Canada's largest baby contest which is why we wanted to help you prepare for next month's contest draw! We've selected 4 of our favorite photoshoots done by photographers all over the world who won awards at the Best Baby Photos Awards:

1. Talia Chen

Using the perfect props Talia combines the right colors to create an adorable scene through each photo. Her photos feel like a book or a movie as if there is a story to be told!

2. Anastasia Folman

These whimsical photos remind us of fairies and fairy tales. Anastasia uses dark tones and bold or bright colors that creates a stunning and dramatic photo.

3. Juliana Koenneck

Juliana combines beautiful neutral colors against a vintage worn wallpaper which gives her photos a gorgeous victorian, 18th century finish.

4. Nicolas Garnier

Often using saddles, Nicolas creates these earthy themed photoshoots of newborn babies bundled in beautiful neutral colors.

We hope you felt some inspiration from these talented photographers! We look forward to seeing you are your baby on our voting poll to have a chance at winning our next contest in March! Submit your baby photo today at:


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