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5 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Newborns

Halloween is for kids. So, the first thing we parent consider when preparing for this holiday is how to keep our kids beautiful, happy, and entertained. And blending in with the vibes is one big part of this fun, right?

Here are five costume ideas you can try for your newborn. These aren’t as spooky as those for older kids. But they let your infant join the party.

Newborn Baby Fox Outfit

Beware! This costume from Etsy comes with a big tail. It’s detachable so you have the option to take it off if you want to change your newborn’s position to make him more comfortable. The ears on its hood are small and adorable.

The yarn of this knitted romper will be ultra soft on your baby’s skin.

Classic Bat Costume

Let your baby subtly nod to the spookiness of Halloween with this black and purple costume. Its headpiece comes complete with a pair of ears and fangs to ensure your baby looks extra spooky. And you also get attached bat wings.

Plush Dragon Costume for Infants

This adorably bright green and blue dragon costume is so original. It comes with orange wings and blue booties and a tail! And don’t worry; the claws on its cuffs are made with felt fabric – they don’t hurt.

The headpiece is the most adorable part of this costume with a 3D dragon face.

Baby Queen Bee Costume

Your baby is a busy bee that keeps you happy and occupied day and night. Celebrate her passion with this queen bee costume. The black and golden outfit is ornate with golden wings. By the way, these wings are detachable. The crown on its headpiece is the highlight of this costume. After all, she should look like a queen!

Baby Flamingo Halloween Costume

You can ditch gloomy colors this Halloween to celebrate the happiness brought upon by your newborn. This pink costume from Pretty Barn is too adorable to pass. Its details include a beak on the headpiece and boa on the hands.

Take Away

Make your infant’s first Halloween memorable with these costumes. The best part of these costumes is that they don’t require you to get accessories to complete the look.


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