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5 Decor Ideas For Your Baby's Christmas Photoshoot!

1. Christmas Tree

Sapin & evergreen trees fill the homes of many during the holidays. Therefore, they made for excellent Christmas props in the background of your photoshoot session. From the lights to the hanging trinkets your tree will compliment your baby's photo with all of it's beauty.

2. Christmas Outfit:

Whether it be a signature Santa hat or an adorable red Christmas themed onesie - dress your baby in red or a Santa/Elf outfit! Red and green are primary Christmas colors so try to stick to those!

3. Christmas lights!

Christmas is known for it's beautiful light displays. Lights are a fantastic decor idea if your looking to bring the Christmas charm and spirit into your photoshoot!

4. Full crafted sets:

If you have the time why not go all out? Creating your own magically backdrop will give your baby's photoshoot something magical that no one else can duplicate. Go for maximum creatively because as we all know - they don't stay this small for ever! <3

5. Use present/gift ribbons & bows:

Your baby is your gift of life so what better way to express this other than dressing your baby up as a present. Using cute ribbons and bows will give your baby and photos a festive look!

We hope these tips help you create a beautiful and fabulous photoshoot session for you and your newborn baby. Happy photo shooting!


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