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5 Tips On How To Bond With Your Baby

They said your babies will become the source of true happiness.

Building a strong bond with your newborn, influences their emotional and mental development. Here are a few tips to help you build a healthy bond and connection with your baby.


This is the most natural method to bond with your baby. It gives them much-needed skin-to-skin contact and fills them with all these senses of your presence. This contact also gives you unique proximity to your child allowing you to observe, be attentive and most importantly bond.

While the act of breastfeeding can’t be replicated by babies’ fathers, the steps of snuggling and cuddling involved in this process can be. Or you can increase their comfort levels by cuddling them during bottle time.

Lie Down with Them

Parenthood is tiresome - and you may need a break from holding your baby. Lying down near your baby is the way to feel the proximity without indulging in yet another task.

Even if you are not bed-sharing with them, you can still nap with them or simply keep them near you when you rest.

Restrain From Social Media Detox

Pregnancy and birthing are celebratory occasions. Naturally, you will feel the need to keep your friends and family updated about the progress. And it can skyrocket your screen time during this time.

Try not overuse your phone in the presence of your babies as newborn babies need a lot of attention to feel safe and secure.

Be Prompt in Attending to Your Baby

The biggest goal of bonding with your baby is to make them feel safe. By being prompt to answer their cries for help you are doing just that – ensuring them that you are available whenever they need you.

Use a Front Baby Carrier

The more time you spend with your baby the more nourished they will feel. No doubt, your emotional and mental presence is important to them. But when applying constant physical proximity also does wonders for their development. So, keep them with you as much as you can.

Do you feel you are spending enough time with your baby? Or do you keep looking out for signs of not enough bonding with them instead of actually attending to them? If you are latter, these tips will help you bond with your baby in the healthiest possible way.


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