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Can I Spoil My Newborn?

A common question around new born parents is if it is possible to spoil your baby (ages 1day-9 months). Babies only begin learning at about 9 months so learning traits of a spoiled child such as manipulation is impossible. Here are some clarifies on common myths parents have:

  1. Can I give my newborn too much attention/? Is holding my newborn too much going to spoil them?

Some parents worried that giving their baby too much attention might spoil them and make them needy. However, there is no known study that implies this. In-fact, studies show that newborns who receive large amount of attention, affection and body contact tend to cry less.

2. Is it ok to let my newborn cry a bit before checking on them?

A 2020 study looked at babies whose parents occasionally let their babies/infants “cry it out”. Results showed that babies who were occasionally allowed to “cry it out” in the first 6 months didn’t show any adverse behavioural or attachment issues at 18 months of age.

Letting your baby cry a bit is usually totally fine as long as they are displaying healthy behaviour and traits.

3. Is responding to their every need spoiling them?

Babies and newborns NEED constant attention as well as having their needs met. Wether they are crying to be fed, changed, or perhaps they feel lonely catering to your babies needs is essential for healthy growth. A newborn baby is incapable of manipulating their parents and therefore crying purely based on emotions as well as trying to express themselves.

We hope you enjoyed this read! Happy parenting!


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