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How to Get Your Newborn to Sleep During a Photoshoot

Sleeping babies are the easiest models for a newborn photoshoot. But we cannot be sure they fall asleep on cue during a photoshoot because of their irregular sleep cycles. Luckily, your success rate at getting them to fall asleep and stay asleep during a photoshoot by applying these helpful tips.

Get Them Comfortable

Feed your baby before the session and keep the formula handy to feed them on demand. Prepare the most comfortable baby clothes. And consider the room temperature of the studio. Most baby photographers will ensure proper heating systems to respond to newborns’ need for a warmer environment. But ask about it in advance and prepare clothes accordingly.

Keep the lights dim when putting the baby to sleep to ease the transition.

Be Sure that YOU Are Comfortable

Babies are intuitive and take up emotions from people around them. If you feel anxious or uncomfortable during the session, your baby will mimic the feelings.

So, make yourself comfortable. And get a photographer who is experienced in photographing newborns so they don’t get too excited when positioning the babies or dealing with babies’ moods.

Swaddle Them

If your baby wakes up during the session, you should take some time to put them to sleep. Encourage sleep by wrapping them. Swaddling will decrease their movement, indicating to them that it’s time to relax.

Rock Them and Massage

Ease their senses by giving them a womb-like experience. Rocking and swinging mimic babies’ lives in mothers’ wombs. They will feel most comfortable in this movement and will fall asleep faster. Plus, gently massage their forehead or another part of their head.

Take Away

When a baby is comfortable and lacks engagement – from brighter light and parents talk, he is more likely to sleep. This post mentions all the tips to encourage babies to sleep during a photo session. You will have to use most of these tips in combination to get the desired outcome.


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