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Perfect Locations for Your Holiday Baby Photoshoot

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

It’s the holidays! This means fun family gatherings, cute gift wrappings, and most importantly, time for festive photos! The snowy background and merry decor make for the perfect setup for an adorable photoshoot with your newborn or baby. Whether you're going for a cute vibe or for an artistic aesthetics, this season offers so many opportunities to capture that perfect moment with your treasure. Here are some cool location ideas to make your holiday baby photoshoot a merry success!

The Park

With snow-covered trees and big white open spaces, the park can be just the perfect location for your family photoshoot. You can even make a day out of it. Bring some snacks and warm blankets to make it fun for the family!

A Tree Farm

What screams more holidays than a farm filled with Christmas trees? It's even better when the trees are covered with snow! With the setting being very fitting with the theme, getting the perfect holiday family party will never be easier.

The Kitchen

This one can be a fun one for the family! Bake something together or do a cookie decorating contest to make it fun. Taking pictures of these fun, candid family moments will surely make great holiday pictures!

By the Fireplace / Christmas Tree

This one's definitely a classic. Light up the fireplace for a cozy ambiance and do a fun pose for a fun yet classically Christmas photoshoot. Better yet, take candid pictures of your family putting up the Christmas tree together!

In Front of Your Home

Easy and convenient, this location provides so many options for you to get that perfect family holiday picture. Do a snowball fight, lie down and do snow angles, or build a snowman together. You can easily capture great candid moments for a very merry holiday picture!


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