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6 Cute Themes for Your Baby Photoshoot

Capturing candid pictures of your baby’s most precious moments is priceless. But who says you can’t have a bit of fun and create those cute moments yourself? Setting up a themed photoshoot allows you to not only showcase your baby’s awesome personality, but also to share a valuable bonding moment with your baby. While there are so many themes to choose from, picking one that accentuates your baby’s personality traits yields the most wonderful photos. Here are some of the cutest themes you can do for your baby photoshoot!

Fruity Baby

Showcase your baby’s sweet and vibrant personality in a colourful fruit-themed photoshoot! Dressed in a cute fruit onesie, let your little one shine in a basket filled with your favourite fruits for a peachy photoshoot!

Marine Baby

Who could resist a baby photoshoot that’s all decked out in nautical-themed decor? Keep most colours in the various shades of ocean blues and sandy hues, and slip your little one into the cutest sailor outfit. Don’t forget the classic anchor and boat motifs to make it extra navy!

Picnic at the Park

A beautiful sunny day calls for a beautiful photoshoot at the park. You can make a whole day out of it! Pack up your favourite snacks and dress your baby up in the cutest summer outfits (don’t forget the bucket hat!). What a perfect opportunity to do a picnic-themed photoshoot while having fun with your little one!


What a great opportunity to showcase your baby’s brave personality! Dress your child in your favourite superhero costume, and create your background using paper cutouts. A simple concept, yet what a powerfully cute photo it produces!

Sports Theme

Your baby loves to move around and is always full of energy? Your little one might just be the athletic type! Dress up your baby in your favourite sport team’s gear from head to toe, and let your little one snuggle with a ball for an extra touch of cute!

Animal Theme

Animals and babies, how much cuter can it get? Choose a onesie that would best represent your baby’s spirit animal, and recreate wildlife environment with paper cutouts. Invite your baby’s favourite animal plushie for extra cuteness and great fun!


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